Exercise: A Healthy Addiction

Exercise Is A Healthy Addiction

Exercise Is A Healthy Addiction

Exercise Is A Healthy Addiction: Exercise is broadly defined with physical fitness and is often linked with eating and body disorders. Different forms of exercises are running, weight lifting, cycling, attending fitness classes, yoga, swimming, tennis and any kind of fitness activity. Timing is very important while doing physical activity. Experts recommend early morning and late evening before sunset to be the best times to exercise.

Benefits of exercises are enormous. It can help with prevention of osteoporosis to minimising heart problems; reducing blood cell disorder and physical or emotional stress. However it is very important to keep the balance and let the body react positively to the workout regime.

Many of the fitness experts have revealed that working out has alleviated anxiety and depression of many of their clients.

In Pakistan the trend to exercise is gaining hype as we observe many fitness and gym centers being opened and people taking avid interest in this new addiction by availing different packages offered to them.

Exercise: A healthy Addiction

Exercise Is A Healthy Addiction

Scientifically, exercise provides ample oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, improving the health of the heart and the lungs which as a result  give more vitality to deal with daily tasks and responsibilities in an effective way.

It can help in weight loss, building of strong bones and muscles, increasing energy levels and minimizing chronic fatigue syndrome, keeping at bay severe illnesses, maintaining skin and brain health, reducing pain and keeping a person relaxed with a good night’s sleep.

It is very important to keep in mind that while we exhaust our bodies with physical activity in the form of doing exercise, we need to have a proper intake of food with it in the form of protein and vitamins or as recommended by the experts in order to avail maximum benefits.

Exercise Is A Healthy Addiction


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