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5 SEO Secrets You Need To Know About

5 SEO Secrets You Need To Know About: One of the biggest challenges a site owner faces is to get its site on the first page of Google. If your site is not on the first page, it is equal to not being on the internet because no one, literally no one, bothers to go to the next page.

Google rarely shares the tricks that people can use to get their site ranked in the top searches. Nevertheless we have gathered five “secrets” –by researching as well as from what Google has revealed – that will help you in getting your site rank higher in the search engine.

5 SEO Secrets You Need To Know About
5 SEO Secrets You Need To Know About

Here’s how SEO campaign goes really well:


All the common keywords are more than often used by websites that have been on the internet for a long time and have earned a large and loyal following. They have probably gathered a greater number of links and have premium quality content. Therefore, competing with these guys with the same keywords is not an intelligent move. However, you can use lesser common keywords and increase your ranking.

Load Speed

Take it is a rule of thumb that the faster your page will load, the higher will be the conversion rate. In Google’s perspective, if your page is loading faster, that means people are getting their answer more quickly. Therefore, you will have a higher position in the search results.


If the structure of your page is not easy to comprehend to the users, the search engine will also find it difficult and your ranking will not rise. The more user-friendly and easy to navigate your site is, the better chances you have of getting a higher ranking.


Among the most essential things that can be used to increase your chances of scoring a higher rank in the search engine are links. Links can be of three different types as follows:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Inbound

Title Tag and Url

Your page title must be short and precise. How SEO campaign goes really well definitely requires the keyword input in the title which the people might search because it increases the chances of people clicking on your page. Mostly because people expect to see the keyword in the title of the page.

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