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Anti-Trump Protests In UK

Anti-Trump Protests In UK: “Donald Trump is misogynistic, chauvinistic, homophobic, xenophobic, promotes bigotry… and has tiny little hands!”, said one of the participants, 42-year-old Georgina Rose.

Grant White, 32, carried a sign depicting Trump as the Twitter bird symbol wearing a swastika around his arm.

“I am anti-Brexit, anti-Trump. There is a wave of fascism which we have to get rid of,” he said.

Dawn, 49, came with her 11-year-old daughter Sadie.

“Trump is the man with the biggest ego in charge of the biggest power in the world. He doesn´t have a grasp of what is needed in the world,” the mother said.

Her daughter said: “He doesn´t accept people who have a different religion in his country, where there is big diversity.”

Campaigners elsewhere in London flew a “Baby Trump” balloon, an act of protest approved by London mayor Sadiq Khan which has proved particularly contentious for Trump and his supporters.

“As an American, I think it´s great. It´s a peaceful way of protesting and there are a lot of people who agree with it,” said Brett Kirchner, 25, from the US state of North Carolina.

“Back home in the States, there will be some who are very upset about this protest and who think it´s insulting. I have been asked to send photos back though. Not everyone likes Trump,” he said.

Anti-Trump Protests In UK
Anti-Trump Protests In UK

With her husband busy plunging UK-US relations to new lows, Melania Trump took time out during the couple´s four-day visit to Britain on Friday to meet veterans and make paper flowers with schoolchildren.

The First Lady also played a game of bowls, engaging with gusto despite being in high heels, as she took part in a spouses´ event hosted by British Prime Minister Theresa May´s husband Philip.

The pair met as US President Donald Trump held talks and a working lunch with May at her country retreat of Chequers, after excoriating her Brexit strategy.

The visit took place at London´s Royal Hospital Chelsea, which has housed British veterans since the 17th century and is now home to around 300 former soldiers, known for their red uniforms and black caps.

Around a dozen children from a local school egged on Melania Trump and Philip May as they played bowls, waving British and US flags.

During the game, the First Lady high-fived a bemused-looking veteran.

She also helped the children as they assembled paper poppies in memory of fallen soldiers from World War I, and listened on as they asked the pensioners questions.

The event lasted around an hour and the pair avoided all questions.

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