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“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign

“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign: “Blessed Ramadan” is the interfaith campaign which was launched by Minnesota Council of Churches three years ago to support Muslims during their holiest month.

As per repot, Minnesota Army National Guard leaders promoted interfaith campaign with a lawn sign displaying the words “To Our Muslim Neighbors: Blessed Ramadan”. This will be showing up at several thousand churches, individual homes and educational centers across the nation to mark the expected first day of Ramadan on May 15th.

The Minnesota Army National Guard, last year, reportedly requested  the Council  for some signs to display at their headquarters, the first such request from an armed service group as an opportunity to demonstrate that they support their soldiers, of all religious traditions.

It is of course a wonderful campaign being widely appreciated as a goodwill gesture that will help create interfaith harmony and will make people to respect religions and traditions of each other’s religion.

“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign
“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign

According to StarTribune report, The Minnesota Council of Churches launched the Blessed Ramadan campaign in 2016 not knowing the result. But the presidential campaign had sparked anti-Muslim sentiment, and this was a visible way for the public to show their support. The Blessed Ramadan signs will be showing up across Minnesota and sprinkled across the nation. Although they haven’t been able to end anti-Muslim sentiments, they are a growing public testimony to support Muslims living in US. Blessed Ramzan campaign is to tell the Muslims that “we don’t fear you. We welcome you.”

Most Minnesotans don’t know a lot about Ramadan. This is a way to increase understanding among people and an opportunity for anyone who isn’t Muslim to learn what this means.

The Minneapolis church also displays the Blessed Ramadan greetings in front of its building, which often attracts attention from cars and visitors passing by.

As Ramzan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims, a time of dawn to dusk fasting and frequent prayer. It is based on the lunar calendar, and this year is expected to start May 15th and end June 14th.

Lets spread the word more and #join the Minnesota Council of Churches in wishing all Muslims a #BlessedRamadan.

“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign
“Blessed Ramadan” Interfaith Campaign

This is the beauty and essence of every religion to understand, tolerate, protect and promote the beliefs and no doubt #Minnesota church has taken the lead.

Share your message of welcome and solidarity with a “Blessed Ramadan”  sign where ever you are in the world.

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