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British Public Still Backs Brexit

British Public Still Backs Brexit: With DUP MP’s are allegedly planning to vote down Prime Minister Theresa May’s budget proposals later this month if they disagree with the government’s Brexit plans, the flimsy coalition could be set to implode. Can Theresa May negotiate a deal that pleases all parties?

How long can Theresa May remain in power and how could the Northern Irish border issue be resolved?

Winston McKenzie (former London mayoral candidate) says It’s a catch 22, it’s so difficult because we now have a conundrum, which is how do we police our borders as we exit from the EU? To me it’s simple, we create an electronic border, we are in an absolute dilemma, and she can’t do wrong for doing right. What I can’t understand is why our allegiance to the DUP isn’t stronger.

She needs the DUP like she needs to stay in number 10 and she’s treating them like they are non-existent.

British Public Still Backs Brexit
British Public Still Backs Brexit

We need her to stay in power, we really do. Suddenly we have a dilemma, do we have a general election or do we really on a parliamentary vote? Neither of these 2 options can help the British public. She has to remain in power, and say that we are going to create this electronic border and the Republic of Ireland has to like it or lump it.

The British public still back Brexit?

The British public knows that we must leave the EU. At the heart of it all, we all want to be in this position where we are no longer enslaved to the un-democratic bureaucrats of the EU.

The majority of us; 17.5 million people decided that we should govern ourselves and I can’t see what’s wrong with that.The liberal elite are totally manipulative and how long can we be tied to the constraints of Europe and the dictatorship of Michel Barnier and his crew?

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