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Forces Behind The Balochistan Statement of Election’s Delay

Forces Behind The Balochistan Statement of Elections Delay: Baluchistan assembly has approved a resolution demanding a month delay in the upcoming general elections. As per resolution people of Pakistan will not be able to cast their vote due to hot weather and also travelling to perform Hajj will observe minimum participation of citizens in the Elections.

I can see elections to be conducted somewhere in November not even in August. In my opinion several other factors contribute to this step of Balochistan Assembly.

One is that President Tenure ends in August and under Article 45 of the Constitution of 1973 President has the power to grant pardon, reprieve and respite, and to remit, suspend or commute any sentence passed by any court, tribunal or other authority. So there is a possibility that in this time of delay, President using his discretionary powers may grant pardon to Ex. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding Supreme Court decision on his Panama corruption case. Because once President leaves his seat, current Chairman Senate Sadiq Sinjarani will hold the presidential seat and has the support of PPP and PTI. This will bleak the chances for Ex PM Nawaz Sharif to get presidential pardon.

Second, issues of delimitations of constituencies might take long and will resolve concerns of different parties who are interested in the delay of elections.

Thirdly, season of Monsoon starts from mid-June and ends till September that may hamper Elections to be held in time as the federal, provincial government and the armed forces are busy in providing assistance to the affected people.

It is clear in the current scenario that any political party will not be in majority and there will be a coalition government. It seems that KPK will lose polls in KPK and MMA will be the emerging party in KPK.

In Punjab, PML-N will lose their hold and PTI footing in the province will be stronger than before. While PPP will keep their political grip in Sindh and Balochistan, Federal government might be lead by PPP as well.

PTI will not win a position to form a government because of their no roots in rural areas neither they have polling agents who can assist them in general elections.

Balochistan’s assembly resolution of delaying elections is an alarming situation. This shows backdoor diplomacy in action, so it was not a wrong saying of Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan Babar Yakoob the other day that Elections might delay for two to three months.

Forces Behind The Balochistan Statement of Elections Delay
Forces Behind The Balochistan Statement of Elections Delay

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