Kim Dotcom demos micro-payment service to help stop piracy


Kim Dotcom demos micro-payment service to help stop piracy

Kim Dotcom demos micro-payment service to help stop piracy: Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has demonstrated a new micro-payments service that is designed to let people charge small amounts of money for any content they create. Bitcache will let users make and receive Bitcoin payments.

Mr Dotcom is currently fighting extradition to the US to stand trial for copyright infringement and fraud.

He said the platform will reduce online piracy by letting people pay for content from anywhere in the world.

The idea behind Bitcache is to turn any file uploaded to the platform into its own “shop”.

Creators can upload any type of content to the service – such as a video, a song, images or computer code – and then choose how much money they want to charge.

That can be anything from $1 (£0.77) up. Bitcache will help to distribute the file across file storage websites, torrent sites and community file-sharing sites.

Even if the file is downloaded multiple times, it is encrypted and cannot be opened unless the user pays the required amount of money.

The service, which will eventually include a web browser extension and a mobile app, would also let media organisations, YouTube vloggers and bloggers accept micro-payments from viewers.

So for example, when reading an online newspaper, watching videos on YouTube or reading a recipe, users could press a button on the page and pay a few cents for each piece of content they consume, using their Bitcache wallet.


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