SEO Is The Growing Technology


SEO Is The Growing Technology

SEO Is The Growing TechnologySearch Engine Optimization

One of the biggest Challenge for companies today is how to be seen and sustain on the top of the list when customers/viewers look for any specific product. Here comes the role of SEO. SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization. The primary function of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to set up the website and to show up its content through online search results.

What is the importance of SEO?

In ever growing technology, Digital Marketing (DM) has become one of the most effective and useful means of reaching out to the target clients. On one hand, it is cost effective way to attract clients but on the other hand it is crucial to use the right tools to make your business visible to the target audience.

If you do not optimize your website for search engines, you might have risk losing your potential clients to your competitors because their websites appear higher in search engine results than yours. Using SEO will assist you improve your visibility within the “organic” search and not to be confuse with the “paid search” results.

SEO Is The Growing Technology
SEO Is The Growing Technology

Normally, a client or viewer looks for Google searches and goes to websites that appear in the first three search results. SEO helps you by making you visible and prominent when someone searches for information that relates to the products and services you offer and you want to show them up.  If you as a businessperson or writer would like to fall under first 3 searches rather than 30 or 40 then you have to give extra attention to build authority on key topics related to your area of work.

How to build authority

Search engines use algorithms to help provide people with relevant information. There are two factors that determine website’s authority through “onsite” and “offsite” factors.

  • Onsite Authority

The Search Engines give higher rankings to websites that publish on regular basis fresh content on a specific topic. For example, if you own a builder, publishing regular blog posts on building designs or material would start establishing your online authority.

  • Offsite Authority

The Search Engines see the websites other than your own that are linked back to your web pages. When other websites link to your content or people share your content on social media, you have a better chance of being listed prominently in search results.

In conclusion, SEO is like a marathon then a race. It shows its results with the passage of time and not rapidly. Therefore, you have to be consistent and do not give up but keep researching and developing great contents and reap the reward for longtime.

We wish you very best in your perseverance to improve your website and your business.

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