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Summer And Wedding Season

Summer And Wedding Season: Wedding venues definitely have a peak wedding season and low season. In general, wedding season months begin in late spring and continue through early fall and are therefore the most expensive, with weddings peaking in June and September.

We will share some latest color combinations to make these fun filled days of wedding colorful in summer.

Summer And Wedding Season
Summer And Wedding Season

Lets start with bridal dress

Selection of bridal dresses in summer is restricted as most of the fabrics can not be opted for summers so select a bridal dress which will be comfortable.

Combinations that utilize unique colors for fresh appeal for this interval month include:

  • Wine or burgundy, wheat, and deep or navy blue.
  • Goldenrod, violet, and burgundy.
  • Wine with claret accents.
  • Chocolate, black, and gold.
  • Forest green and brown.
  • Midnight blue and orange.
  • Jade, maple, and ivory

Book your venue at least four months before the event and make sure whatever venue you pick take care of parking, cooling and back up arrangements, so you don’t ruin your event in this hot weather.

Menu Selection With summer weddings it is important to cater according to the mood. Select a menu with some not so hot and light dishes. Drinks and juices must be added in your menu.

Beat the heat on your wedding day. Arrange for large chillers and have a proper cooling arrangement especially if you are selecting outdoor venues.

Groom Dress Same is for the selection of the dress for Groom. Don’t go for heavy sherwanis.

Florist & Flowers Make sure you have fresh flowers for the flower arrangements for your event. Or keep these flowers ultra cool before the event

Bid Avoid adding more sweets in bid packings and giveaways.

Hire a photographer which can capture your event beautifully without taking weather under consideration.

Parlors must be located near the venue to avoid mess.

Weddings are famous for their bright, colorful and grand celebrations so plan your functions accordingly and make the best out of it.

You are sure to make your events memorable!

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