Tips to Organize a Third Party Donation


Tips to Organize a Third Party Donation

Tips to Organize a Third Party Donation: For those of us fortunate enough to live comfortable lives, we should always remember those who are not as blessed. However, there are multitudes of charities operating with different goals, and likewise, many different ways to donate to a charity.

Tips to Organize a Third Party Donation
Tips to Organize a Third Party Donation

What is a Third Party Donation?

Third party donation is a means of raising significant amount of funding for a charity without having to actually do any of the work. Sounds like a dream right? Any donation, event, promotion or sale on behalf of a charity, but not being hosted by the charity itself is a third party event.

Tips for Organization:

  1. First and foremost, always find a charity you actually care about. This basically means a charity serving a cause that is close to your heart, or that you can actively relate to. You will find that you will be much more motivated and encouraged to help out something that you care about.
  2. Crease out the details well before time. This includes details such as volunteers, the amount expected to be raised, food, and invitations and so on and so forth.
  3. Find volunteers. This is a very important aspect. Find people you trust and those that you can really rely on. A donation event has many areas that need to be addressed and so having help is an absolute necessity.
  4. Do a trial run; try approaching the people you plan to invite and see what their thoughts about it are, what extent they wish to be involved and how much they’d be willing to donate. This is important, as the host needs to cover costs and raise money to help a charity.
  5. Research extensively. Find out people near you, philanthropists who can help, look for others who have hosted donation events before to give you some insights.
  6. Make arrangements to ensure the money pledged at a third party donation event is collected, and then accumulated down to the cent. Perhaps the biggest responsibility would be to make sure that whatever amount is raised gets to the charity and leads to beneficial activities.

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