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4 Amazing Technologies That Are Changing The World For Good

4 Amazing Technologies That Are Changing The World For Good: Our lives become more comfortable with technologies that change the world for the better. Technological advancements are accelerating and gadgets unfathomed in the recent past have become a norm now. New products are optimizing our personal lives as well as our working environment.

As a tribute to hard work of scientists and engineers alike, here is a list of four technologies that have optimized the world:

Self-Driving Cars

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with automobiles has created a new group of cars that do not need a human driver. Self-driving cars make use of motion sensors and artificial intelligence to greatly minimize the chances of an accident. Self-driving cars ensure safer roads in the future. It is not far when self- driving cars will entirely replace manual cars.


Blockchain technology is the fundamental technology behind the widely known Bitcoin currency. It is the single most revolutionary technology in the finance sector. Blockchain technology allows a decentralized exchange among people. Digital currencies that make use of blockchain are not influenced by political, social or national influences. Blockchain technology ensures a safe, trustworthy and anonymous exchange.

Nano Robots

Although their use has not been widely employed yet, nanorobots show the great potential of revolutionizing the medical sector. Nano Robots refer to robots of the size of 10-9 meters. These tiny robots can and are being used to transfer certain drugs to specific areas in the body without the use of surgery. Conventional forms of operation with the need to cut open the human body will soon enough cease to exist, and nano-surgery will replace them.

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is one of the most profound contributions of science. It started with the altering of crop genetics to yield better and more crops to counter the problem of food for the ever-increasing population. But genetic engineering can also be used to eliminate defective births and genetic diseases that are usually diagnosed later in life and cause much distress.

Although ethical and social constraints are hindering the progress of genetic engineering on humans, it is not far when it will be a norm.

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