Burglary: Are you well insured?Burglary: Are you well insured?

Burglary are you well insured?

Burglary are you well insured?:- The easier access is to a home, the greater the risk of burglary. To limit the impacts two tracks are to dig: insurance and security of the property.

The summer holidays are coming and with them, the season of burglaries. The school is finished, the streets are empty, most of the neighbours are absent, if only for a few days. If the opportunity arises, some malicious people may try to enter your home. To avoid unpleasant surprises on return, there are some reflexes to have.

Membership fees, deductibles and exclusions

The more the house runs the risk of burglary, the more the theft guarantee of the home multi-risk insurance contract must be reinforced. You may want to consider paying a few more contributions to get better compensation. However, that is not enough.

Upon subscription, carefully study the conditions of application of the guarantees associated with your home insurance policy and in particular the deductibles. Indeed, the sums that remain your responsibility regardless of the damage are sometimes significant. As for the exclusions, it is on the one hand the circumstances that block the compensation, and on the other hand, the goods that are not covered. Your contract must be perfectly adapted to the configuration of your home and the equipment of your home. Do not neglect these two parameters to be sure to be properly covered in case of disaster.

The compensation limits

This is another very important part of the flight insurance study. The compensation limits correspond to the maximum amounts paid by the insurer. They are identified for each category of goods and allow to compensate for the theft of furniture, jewellery, household appliances, technological objects … For each one, evaluate if the value of your goods is well located under the ceiling and pay a particular attention on the questions of obsolescence present in the contract. If all these elements of your insurance do not seem satisfactory to you, ask your insurer or your broker to adapt them. A minor surcharge can sometimes guarantee you a contract perfectly adapted to your needs.

Strengthen security

All the insurers say it: the more the intrusion of the burglar is made difficult, the less it persists. If doors and windows resist too long, if an alarm goes off, he usually prefers to escape.

That’s why they recommend, or even require, doors with 3-point locks. Some contracts go even further by mentioning the presence of “anti-grip” angles, an internal shield, a threshold bar. Also reinforce the doors of the outbuildings that communicate directly with the dwelling (for example, the garage). If there are window shutters, close them and lock them in case of prolonged absence. If there is a small window (WC or bathroom), have iron bars attached to them.

Good to Know

A note about the thickness of the burglar-proof windows may be included in the insurance contract. In this case, it must comply to be sure to be well supported in case of intrusion.

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Burglary: Are you well insured?
Burglary: Are you well insured?

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