In The Shoes Of A Real Estate AgentIn The Shoes Of A Real Estate Agent

In The Shoes Of A Real Estate Agent

In The Shoes Of A Real Estate Agent: It is a common notion that real estate agents make a lot of money which is, in a sense, correct. But the truth is that becoming a real estate agent is not as easy as it might look. Even after becoming a real estate agent, it takes years to build up a credible portfolio and attract a large clientele base.

The truth is that the entire struggle is worth it. After getting enough clients, real estate agents earn handsomely.

How much do real estate agents make?

The question posed above cannot be answered with a single figure and the statistics that try to average the pay of a real estate agent can be quite misleading. The reason is that the statistics take into account part-timers and amateurs along with professionals that know what they are doing.

While the average amount of money a real estate agent earns is in the range of $15,000-50,000, people that work hard enough can reach up to a $100,000 mark. However, there are real estate agents competent enough to earn more than $300,000 a year.

How to earn more?

The sky is the limit. You do not need to get your hopes down with the low figures that real estate agents work in their first year. As it was mentioned earlier, real estate agents can and have made huge sums of money even in their first year.

The most important thing a real estate agent needs is clientele. Therefore, to make more money in your first year, the first thing you have to do is let more and more people know you have started your career as a real estate agent. According to a survey, more than eighty percent of the buyers or sellers of properties said that they would recommend their real estate agent.

So, all you need to do is hang out with people that are in the business. You need to market with people that are likely to use your services. And once you start getting clients, you can offer them good services, and they’ll start recommending you to others.

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