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NollyWood The New Film World

NollyWood The New Film World: Nollywood is home to the world’s second biggest movie industry in terms of production behind Hindi-language Bollywood.

With nearly $4 billion in revenue and almost 2,000 productions every year, films made in what is known as Nollywood are largely sold on the streets and to idling motorists caught in traffic as pirated copies for just a few dollars.

Local start-ups and Nollywood stars understand the interest in changing the distribution of films that are hugely popular across Africa, where cinemas are few and far between.

With such a huge potential market, video-on-demand platforms have sprung up in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital and home to the country’s film industry. And competition is already fierce.

NollyWood The New Film World
NollyWood The New Film World

Linda Ikeji TV (LITV):  It offers dozens of films, series and programs inspired by US shows but with a Nollywood twist for a monthly fee of 1,000 naira ($2.80).

“We are hoping to be to Africa what Netflix is to the world,” Ikeji wrote on her Instagram page, which has some two million followers. She promised glamor, sass and humor, particularly with reality shows such as “Football Wives” or “Highway Girls of Eko,” “a show on real-life prostitutes” in Lagos.

The 37-year-old former model-turned-businesswoman made her fortune through advertising revenue on her site, which tracked the lives of Nigeria’s rich and famous.

NollyWood The New Film World
NollyWood The New Film World

She said she had invested “half-a-billion naira” of capital in the project. As well as buying video, she is also making original content from her own studios in Lagos.

US telecoms giant Cisco wants a big footprint in Africa, and as technical partner, they will provide all the technology, from the network to the video compression, etc.,” the founder of the Africa International Film Festival said.

NollyWood The New Film World
NollyWood The New Film World

A viable economic model for the promoters of Nollywood online still needs to be found, given the lack of widespread high-speed Internet coverage.

Nollywood is the informal name given to the Nigerian film industry. Nigeria produces roughly 1,000 films on average per year. This puts them right below India’s Bollywood and above USA’s Hollywood, making them the second largest feature film producers worldwide!

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