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The Significance of Red Cross Day

The Significance of Red Cross Day: We have all read and heard about Red Cross and the amazing work it does to alleviate human suffering around the world. From areas of natural disaster to war-beseeched areas, Red Cross is there to help.

Red Cross day is celebrated with fervor every year but what is Red Cross day? Let’s delve into the history and importance of Red Cross day.

The Significance of Red Cross Day
The Significance of Red Cross Day

A little History of the Red Cross Day

Red Cross day is celebrated on the 8th of May to pay homage to the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant who was born on 8th May 1828. He started the Red Cross movement post-world war 1, after seeing the horrors of battlefield in Italy.

His mission was to reduce human suffering in war-riddled areas and in areas affected by natural disaster. This day not only celebrates this Nobel peace prize winner but also the innumerable donors, volunteers and employees who have ensured that this movement continues its good work.

Significance of Red Cross Day

  • Red Cross day is a celebration of the efforts made by the donors, volunteers and employees of Red Cross. These brave individuals literally play with fire to ensure that all human needs are met with in areas affected by war or natural disasters.
  • This day serves as a solid platform to raise awareness about the areas that are afflicted by war or natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. Needless to say, people in these affected areas need as much help as possible and in some cases, they may also need evacuation, all of which is provided by Red Cross.
The Significance of Red Cross Day
The Significance of Red Cross Day
  • This day not only raises awareness but also plays a pivotal role in attracting donors. The contributions of these donors can’t be undermined as they ensure the smooth running of this organization.

Some Interesting Facts About the Red Cross

  • The Red Cross is one of the most recognized symbols in the world.
  •  What is a red cross day if it isn’t about giving? Besides helping Red Cross with donations and sponsoring their work, you can also contribute by donating blood.
  • Red Cross has around 97 million volunteers around the world!

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