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The World’s Best Free Email Management Software

The World’s Best Free Email Management Software: For people that have more than one email account, having an email client can solve various problems for them. An email client can be customized according to your needs and can help in managing your scattered emails.

Apart from gathering all of your emails in a single medium, an email software has many other features that include protecting your email from privacy hacks through encryption, RSS feed, video chats, etc.

The World’s Best Free Email Management Software
The World’s Best Free Email Management Software

Before sharing with you the best email management software, it is important to mention other notable email clients as well:

eM Client

eM Client is one of the most notable email management software. All you need to do is mention your email, and eM Client configures the settings accordingly. eM Client automatically imports all your contacts, but if you would like to manage that separate, you are allowed to uncheck that option.

Among the most notable features of the eM client are: automatic translation of emails, encryption of emails, and delayed sending of email. The interface of eM client is user-friendly, and it is relatively easy to integrate emails.

The worst part about eM client is that it only supports two email accounts in the free version.


Another amazing email client is Opera email client. Opera integrates RSS feeds and provides a user-friendly platform for easy management and use. However, what makes Opera a bad choice is that it does not have email encryption which means that your emails are vulnerable to third-party access.

Mozilla Thunderbird

The number one email client on our list is Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla’s email client has it all, be it encryption, RSS reader or any other notable features. It lets you filter away all the junk emails and makes it easier for you to access the most important emails first. Apart from this, there are a lot of message filtering options that you can customize according to your needs.

People that are too busy to respond to emails can also avail its automatic response feature. Another handy feature that is particularly helpful for the business lot is that it offers a wide range of email templates that one can use for different situations.

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