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Top Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises

Top Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises: We have always thought of trampolines as a recreation or sporting activity for children but did you know that they are just as beneficial and fun for adults as they are for children? Surprising, right?

Luckily for you, we have compiled a few benefits of trampoline exercises so that you can bounce your way to fun and fitness on May 5!

Fun and Fitness Together

Trampoline is one of the best and fun ways to incorporate cardiovascular activity in your daily routine. According to a study, rebounding exercises such as jumping on a trampoline burn more calories per hour as compared to any other form of cardio such as jogging. Not to mention the fact that it is easy on the joints and extremely fun to do!

Top Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises
Top Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises

Boost Your Lymphatic Flow

Our lymphatic system helps the body to get rid of toxins and waste but unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system is dependent on our body movements which act as a pump for the lymphatic flow.

A rebounding exercise such as jumping on the trampoline can actually improve the lymph flow by as much as fifteen times. How cool is that!

Easy on the Joints

Jumping on a trampoline or exercising on a trampoline is easy on the weight bearing joints of the body. That’s not to say that it doesn’t affect bone health. In fact, it has been shown that it not only strengthens the joints, tendons and ligaments but it also keeps osteoporosis and some forms of arthritis at bay.

Good for Over-all Body Circulation

According to a research conducted by NASA, it has been shown that trampoline exercises cause a significant increase in circulation and cell energy as compared to running or biking. In fact, NASA utilizes trampolines for reconditioning astronauts after a space walk.

Improve Your Balance and Coordination

Trampoline exercises are one of the best ways to improve your balance and coordination. These exercises can be utilized for recovering from injuries and best of all, they are fun to do. So bounce your way to fun and fitness on May 5!

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