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Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Conference Calls!

Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Conference Calls!: As technology has advanced, the way we conduct our business has also changed. In any business, time is valuable and with the advent of IMS & conference call facilities, we can now easily conduct our business meetings not only across our city or country but across the globe as well.

Here we share a few do’s and don’ts of conference calls.

Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Conference Calls!
Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Conference Calls!

Do: Arrive On Time for Your Call

Needless to say, being punctual goes a long way. It not only creates a good impression but preps you up for the meeting as well. Furthermore, you can’t sneak in late on a conference call.

Don’t: Forget Your Sign-in Details

As simple and even silly as it may sound, always keep your sign-in details handy and sign-in as soon as you are ready for the call. There’s no point in arriving early for your call if you haven’t signed in. It always makes a good impression if you are either punctual or early for a meeting.

Do: Announce Yourself When You Join the Call

A conference call may or may not be with visuals. In either case, as soon as you join the call, introduce yourself to your colleagues. Since there are a lot of people on the conference call at the same time, you may have to announce yourself every time you speak up.

Don’t: Use Slang and Never Interrupt

One of the most important rules of communicating with people is to know and understand your audience. When you are with friends, you can be casual and talk as freely as you can, but when it comes to official meetings, be formal and be very clear and concise. Another thing to remember is that you should not interrupt anyone. Let the other person finish before you speak up.

Do: Keep Yourself Updated About the Latest Technology

It may not seem important at the time but it’s necessary that you understand how IMS & conference call works. Keep yourself updated and learn how to fix minor glitches that may occur during a conference call.

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