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Ways To Check Credit Score Free Of Cost

Ways To Check Credit Score Free Of Cost: For those of us not well-informed about the significance of credit scores, the question about how to check credit score for free seems to be pretty mundane.

Ways To Check Credit Score Free Of Cost
Ways To Check Credit Score Free Of Cost

What is Credit score?

Credit score is basically how you rank on the radar of the lenders. This might not seem like a big deal till the time you need to take out a loan or a mortgage and that is where it plays a major role.

Scores may vary, but largely they are calculated on the basis of the following information:

  • Your payment history; are you making your due payments on time?
  • Types of credit that have been availed in the past; have you used credit cards? Availed student loans? Taken out a mortgage or an auto loan?
  • How much debt are you currently using
  • How long have you availed credit for?

This information is passed along and then accumulated to award a credit score to the person. The credit score is a three-digit number and it signifies the likelihood of a person repaying debt. This helps the bankers and lenders to decide whether approving the said person for a loan is a good idea.

Checking credit card for free!

These are some of the tried and tested ways to get your credit score report for free:

  1. com

This is the only authorized website for credit card scores and rating. The website asks for personal information in order to verify that the information is in fact going out to the correct person. Another thing you must keep in mind is that this website does not charge any fee, so be mindful of scams where you might pay and give out personal information as well!

  1. The Credit Card Company

Some credit card companies offer a free monthly credit score. Some are even agreeable to provide a copy of your credit report.

  1. A Free Credit Monitoring Service

There are also services that are able to provide a glimpse of what your credit score might be. Two of these companies, namely CreditKarma and Credit Sesame are free of cost!

It is always a good idea to keep yourself informed on important things such as how to check credit score for free; it might come in handy someday!

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