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Why You Should Consider A Career In Liberal Arts

Why You Should Consider A Career In Liberal Arts: Liberal arts are undoubtedly largely underrated. Consider sharing with someone that you wish to pursue your education in literature, mathematics, philosophy or social sciences and you will for sure be met with a blank stare and a confused expression. This is because the largely prevalent perception is that these fields have very limited scope for employment and an even smaller base of opportunities for making it big.

Well, the only thing this proves is that while ignorance is bliss, it can also make you miss out on great experiences and opportunities.

Why You Should Consider A Career In Liberal Arts
Why You Should Consider A Career In Liberal Arts

The Advantages of Liberal Arts

Following are just some of the reasons that will help you understand why liberal art is a respectable and pursuable career.

  1. Skills

This degree equips you with skills and intellectual flexibility. This is one of the most important tools at your disposal out in the real world. The degree schools students to read carefully and broadly, to critically examine context, ideas and philosophies. Further, graduates have a well-rounded education that arms you with skills that are valued by employers.

  1. Communication & Critical Thinking

To be able to analyze philosophical, political, religious and cultural issues is inherently important in the rapidly developing and evolving world. A degree in liberal arts usually entails an abundance of discussions on a diverse range of topics, with extensive professor-student interaction, which enables students to better comprehend situations and scenarios.

  1. Ethics & Empathy

Seminar style discussions and classes motivate students to listen more, and hence absorb more of what is being taught. Thus, studies have revealed that this particular education yields students that are in general more ethical and have higher levels of empathy as well.

  1. Makes for Great Leaders & Mentors

Studies have revealed that graduates from such programs have higher probabilities of becoming leaders and mentors, despite the fact that they are actually being taught in smaller groups.

  1. Happy Profession!

The professions are no doubt happy ones; this can be largely attributed to the fact that students are usually taking professions that they are actually interested in and that inspire them, rather than following a set path that they do not relate with.

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