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Advantages Of Adding Dates In Your Meals

Advantages Of Adding Dates In Your Meals: Dates have tremendous beneficial properties attributable to them – the reference here is of course to the fruit!

Benefits of dates

A lot of people did not pay much attention to the announcement about the intention of Saudi Arabia to donate 7000 tons of dates in 2018. This is probably because there is little awareness regarding the many health benefits the fruit has to offer.

Saudi Arabia to donate 7000 tons of dates in 2018
Saudi Arabia to donate 7000 tons of dates in 2018

Dietary Fiber
Some researchers suggest that the bulk of a date’s fiber is the soluble fiber pectin. A high intake of this fiber has been shown to lessen the risk of diabetes as well as high blood cholesterol. Another study went on to prove that a fiber-rich diet is beneficial in prevention of diseases such as obesity, stroke, heart diseases as well as hypertension.

Potassium – this mineral is highly helpful to the human body as it aids in providing energy, boosts metabolism and is also needed for the proper working of cardiac and skeletal muscle groups. Eating about six medium sized dates can replenish potassium to about six percent of the daily requirement.

Improves Bone Health
In order to ensure bones are in good condition, intake of certain minerals and vitamins is necessary such as selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium. These are all found in dates and thus consumption of dates assists in building bone health.

Promotes Digestion
Due to high fiber content, dates are said to be very useful for people facing constipation. It sounds like a minor issue no doubt, but chronic constipation can lead to increasingly serious health conditions.


Improves Skin
Dates have sufficient quantities of Vitamins C and D and these help in promoting the skins elasticity. They also help in conserving the youthfulness of the skin due to their anti-ageing properties.

Advantages Of Adding Dates In Your Meals
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The fact that Saudi Arabia to donate 7000 tons of dates in 2018 appears to be much more important when you realize that this nutrition packed fruit can help the poor and the needy to ingest valuable vitamins and minerals, which they are otherwise unable to consume. This will help them in improving their health and also aid them in their tough lifestyles.

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