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Advantages Of Cyber Insurance In 2018

Advantages Of Cyber Insurance In 2018: Cyber insurance is a risk management technique and is definitely included in every well-rounded risk management plan.

What is Cyber Insurance?

Since the introduction of an online virtual marketplace, nearly every business has moved a significant chunk of their work online. This can be better understood if you consider the fact that even for a company or an organization operating totally from stores, their accounting records are still online.

Not only that but correspondence with suppliers, dealers, customers and even employees is being done via email so that is online too. With this in mind, it is also safe to conclude that vulnerability to online hackers, viruses and the like is humongous. This is where cyber insurance proves its worth!

It is not just a tactic, rather cyber insurance is a risk management technique for organizations that are susceptible to incurring financial losses as a result of any lapse in cyber security.

Advantages Of Cyber Insurance In 2018
Advantages Of Cyber Insurance In 2018

Benefits of Cyber Insurance

The benefits of cyber insurance have many facets, such as:

  1. Business interruption loss

Insurances vary, and those that offer more rounded coverage, also compensates users, for losses incurred by them in case of an IT failure that would disrupt normal business operations. This interruption could be in the form of IT failure or a cyber-attack.

  1. Privacy breach costs

A clause for breach costs provides reimbursement or compensation in case of financial losses arising from a breach in security, while a privacy liability clause helps a company recover by covering costs such as privacy infringement claims.

  1. Cyber-extortion

In case of being under the attack of ransom-ware and other malicious software, important information is often seized only to be recovered upon payment. It is a form of digital black mail and the sums demanded can be huge!

  1. Digital asset replacement expenses

Cyber insurance also covers losses owing to loss of digital assets.

  1. Media Liability

Some policies cover losses sustained due to libel, slander or infringement of intellectual property claims made against your organization.

  1. Forensic Support

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that you have a team of experts ready to help you out at any time in case of a cyber mishap!

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