France’s nuclear submarine gets visited by President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron visits nuclear submarine


France’s nuclear submarine gets visited by President Emmanuel Macron

In a show of commitment to France’s nuclear deterrence President Emmanuel Macron has spent several hours underwater aboard a nuclear submarine.

President Macron while his visit to the “Le Terrible” submarine off Brittany coast, also reportedly took part in a simulated missile launch.

After 2019, France will be the only EU nation which will have nuclear arms, while the UK is expected to leave the 28-member bloc.

The first confidence vote was easily won by the new French government.

The cabinet which was led by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had been backed by 370 MPs in the lower house, while only 67 voted against it.

Mr Philippe had set out proposals for a public spending cuts along with labor reforms, the move had been condemned by the trade unions, the trade unions have threatened strikes and protests.

On Tuesday, 4th July 2017, President Macron had been taken by helicopter to “Le Terrible” submarine in the Atlantic, which is about 300km (186 miles) off France’s coast.

Later the office of the President published a photo, which showed the president being lowered down to the submarine.

President Macron stressed importance of France’s nuclear deterrence, he described it as the “keystone of security.

The reported missile launch simulation was part of the president’s day-long visit to nuclear weapons facilities at the Ile Longue base, near Brest.

It is home to the country’s four nuclear-powered, ballistic missile-carrying submarines.

France has a fleet of 300 warhead carrying submarine. While the French society and its history is deeply rooted in support for the deterrent, ever since it became a nuclear power in the 1960s.

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