Seafood, red meat, sunflower seeds can eliminate dandruff problem

Dandruff is a dermatological disease of skin that covers the skull better known as scalp.

This a skin disease and can be understood by the cycles of the skin: the scalp skin has its renewal every 20 or 30 days, dandruff be reflected in accelerating this process, accompanied by an imbalance of the microbial flora, causing a desquamation excessive this scalp with some irritations. It has two types, which are called Dandruff Dry and Dandruff Greasy.

Dandruff dry:  This kind of dandruff has the feature of presence of fine scales, they can give rise to a layer of white powder in the scalp, can easily eliminated but its recurrence is very common.

Dandruff greasy: appears in adolescence due to the high production and sebaceous these scales are located in the scalp and are fatty foods.

Home remedies for the dandruff:

There are home solutions or natural method to eliminate the dandruff. Follow a strict diet taking vitamin B (that stabilizes the scalp), seafood, red meat, sunflower seeds (aid to offset the absence of zinc), sardines, salmon, etc.

As home remedies to remove these causes recommend rinse the hair after each shampooing and maintain a balanced diet.

A home treatment of very good efficiency is to mix some droplets (1 or 2) of essential oil of tree of tea in the shampoo that is normally used, and then proceed to wash with him leaving for three minutes in the hair; if it does not add water to the last rinse is a good choice.

The dandruff may be, in many cases, resilient, and doesn’t heal completely, recurs in cycles, thus should be taken certain measures to keep under control. As any treatment to the top, must be intensive and must be declining to measure that disappears the dandruff, but as a warning must affirm that like all intensive treatment cannot be used for a long time since that irritate the scalp.


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