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Top Vehicles to get from Auctions

Top Vehicles to get from Auctions: Auctions are a great way to get hold of a car. Just like all five fingers in a hand aren’t equal and identical, similarly, financial conditions of every individual are vastly different from each other.

Where one might afford to buy new vehicles, others may not and in this scenario auctions being held in different places such as Brisbane auctions can be very helpful.

Top Vehicles to get from Auctions
Top Vehicles to get from Auctions

What to look for?

Auctions, specifically car auctions are a double edged sword. While there are chances you might land yourself a sweet ride at an even sweeter price, you could just as easily get duped. So caution is required more than ever.

Another thing to note is that high-end classic car auctions like the Barrett-Jackson events are very common on cable channels which have exceedingly rare muscle cars and old Mercedes roadsters which are truly a sight for sore eyes. However, normal auctions are not like that. This is one thing that needs to be sorted out at the very start.

Brisbane auctions are about normal everyday use vehicles that are practical and common. Cars available at these auctions are:

  • Ford Crown Victoria
  • Toyota
  • Sedans

These are cars that have been well used and abused, sometimes by government offices. These vehicles, however, are auctioned at government auctions instead of public ones.

Tips for buying cars at auctions:

  1. Be honest and practical

Cars at auctions often need extensive repairs and then continuous upkeep. If you don’t have the ability and tools/resources to deal with these challenges, do weigh the benefits of cheap transportation against the constant stress of expensive repairs!

  1. Use your eyes!

Cars at both government and public auctions sell on the basis of only visual inspection. Look out for signs of over sprayed paint, puddles under the vehicle etc. Also sniff around – literally!

  1. Check the Dipsticks

For a well maintained and looked after car the oil or transmission fluid dipsticks have clear and clean lubricant.

  1. Observe other bidders

There are always some people who try to scam at auctions. They are active on every lot, meaning they are just trying to pump up the prices. Stay away from such auctions!

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