Working Out At Home Vs Opting For Club FitnessWorking Out At Home Vs Opting For Club Fitness

Working Out At Home Vs Opting For Club Fitness

Working Out At Home Vs Opting For Club Fitness: Club fitness is a wildly attractive trend that’s really catching on fire nowadays due to appealing songs, tunes and variations which make workouts more attractive and appeal to the fitness maniac within us!

The bottom line however is that you get moving, whether at home or in a club or a gym!

According to various health associations, a minimum of 10,000 steps a day should be achieved. Believe it or not, those of us with sedentary jobs achieve hardly a fifth of that.

The pros and cons of working out at home or in the club.
Working out at home or in a club obviously both have many benefits and also some disadvantages, some of which have been stated below:

  • Home based workouts are very feasible for mothers who don’t have reliable baby sitters or nannies. They can work out when the baby naps, or they can engage their babies in the workout as well.
    Lift your child in the air for a great arm workout, twist him side to side to work the oblique, or put him on your legs and raise him to work out your leg muscles, the possibilities are endless! The squeals of delight from your little one will make it all worth it!
Working Out At Home Vs Opting For Club Fitness
Working Out At Home Vs Opting For Club Fitness
  • Working out at home gives you flexibility. As opposed to gyms and clubs, there are no timings. You can work out when and where you want. This is a huge advantage for moms for instance who might get time after the babies have gone to sleep, at which hour getting to a gym (and finding one that would be open) would be a hassle.
  • A major advantage of club fitness is that they provide experienced and trained personal trainers and coaches to help their clients achieve their goals. This is important. While it may not seem to be an important issue, the trainers study extensively and attend conference and workshops and then recommend exercises and workouts to whip you into shape a lot faster than working out at home by yourself ever will.
  • A club has many individuals working out together. This creates an atmosphere that pushes every person to do just a little more than what they would have done by themselves. Motivation and encouragement play a huge role in fitness, after all, it isn’t easy to convince yourself to sweat and toil.
  • Club based individuals stay away from fitness fads. They are counseled by their trainers regarding what is good and what is bad for them. Fitness fads often promise results in a short time period, but this is often at the expense of your health. Losing weight rapidly is never a good idea, and cutting out valuable nutrients from your diet and focusing on intake of only a few is an even bigger mistake.
  • Working out at home does trump joining a gym when it comes to cost. Obviously there’s a membership fee, there’s transportation cost, etc. All this is saved if one starts working out at home. There are many detailed videos and instructions available on the internet for free that can help you in this regard.
  • Safety is not something that crosses our mind when we consider working out. But it is a key consideration. Working out means lifting weights, performing exercises and stretches and pushing your body to its limits.
    If all this is not being done under the tutelage of someone who has the requisite knowledge to guide you about what’s right and what’s wrong, a serious injury could result.

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