Asif says trust defecit exists in Pak US Relations


Asif says trust defecit exists in Pak US Relations

Asif says trust defecit exists in Pak US Relations: On Thursday Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif sais that there is trust deficit in Pakistan’s relation with the United States, he was speaking at the United States institute of Peace. “Yes, there is a trust deficit,” he remarked.

While in conversation with Moeed Yusuf, director of South Asia programmes at USIP, Asif said that “we are living in hell” because of the decision to participate in the US fight against the Soviet Union.

“While US soldiers went back chest thumping that they have defeated the Soviet Union, no one cared about what happened to Pakistan,” said the minister who is known for his candour.

He said that about 3.5 million refugees are living in Pakistan. “We have every kind of friction, religious, ethnic and political intolerance. This is the baggage we carry from the 80s.”

Over the Vegas shooting, he said that Pakistan is deeply saddened by the incident. He stressed that it should be called an act of terror. “Why call it shooting, call it terrorism.This is terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.”

He added, “these contradictions will be counterproductive.”

The foreign minister also said that “Pakistan is the only victor in the war against terrorism” as the country faced the threat head-on.

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