DG ISPR seeks media’s support in shaping national narrative

Director-General Inter-Services Public Relation Major General Asif Ghafoor, in an exclusive conversation, sought the media’s assistance in shaping the national narrative and to counter propaganda pushed by forces against Pakistan.

“If the international community says we have not done enough, then it is a politicised narrative which includes many forces, including India.”

The army spokesperson said operations have been conducted across the board and against all militant groups, including the Haqqani network.

Ghafoor said that as a state “we need to realise that we have done a lot”.

“Media plays a big role in shaping the narrative, and I request the media to help shape Pakistan’s narrative,” said the army spokesperson.

Ghafoor further said that when the state is united and will put forth a narrative, it would be more effective.

Maj Gen Ghafoor also talked about the presence of militants in the country and said the militant sanctuaries were located in the Pak-Afghan border areas and have been cleared by Army and security forces.

“They did not have organised networks in the cities. Operation Raddul Fasaad has been used to disconnect the terrorists in urban areas.”

Ghafoor said the areas cleared in previous operations had to be re-visited again to clear them as terrorists move from one area to other.

“We have the confidence that they [militants] can not have a resurgence,” said DG ISPR.

Referring to Afghanistan, he said that even though Afghan forces did cooperate and Pakistan has conducted operations to establish control over its areas.

The ISPR director general also said that all cities in Pakistan are safe to hold sporting events and “we can hold a match in any city, including Fata”.

“All cities of Pakistan are safe and there will be no security issue,” said Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor.

The Pakistan Army announced the achievement of yet another milestone — the successful completion of Operation Khyber-4, launched to clear the volatile Rajgal valley in Khyber tribal agency.

Earlier today, in a special press conference in Rawalpindi, the DG-ISPR announced that the military has successfully cleared 253 square kilometers of the area from militants.

He added that a separate clearance operation is also underway in Khyber Valley.

The ISPR said during the operation hundreds of landmines were defused which were planted by the militants to slow the advance of the Army and to inflict casualties on the advancing forces.

During the operation, two soldiers were martyred and 15 were injured. The Army also killed 52 militants in the valley.


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