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Drowned Bodies In Gaddani Beach

Drowned Bodies In Gaddani Beach: Two minors, who had drowned along with others, had their bodies recovered as rescue operations resumed on Saturday morning.

In a tragedy at least 17 people of a family drowned in Gadani beach, a town of Balochistan near Karachi.

According to rescue officials, the bodies of four women were recovered while 11 people were rescued. A search for the two children still missing is under way.

Sources said the rescued persons have been shifted to a rural health centre nearby. The family hailed from Karachi’s Lyari area and had gone to Gadani on a picnic.

Drowned Bodies In Gaddani Beach
Drowned Bodies In Gaddani Beach

A family of 17 people were caught in the waves at the Gadani beach, Balochistan while enjoying recreational time.

Rescue officials report that they were able to save 11 people, while the bodies of four women were recovered. However, the search continues as two children remain missing. The rescued people are being treated at a rural health center near the beach.

The family who held residence in Karachi’s Lyari area had gone to Gadani on a picnic. Earlier last week, 22-year-old Osama and 19-year-old Faraz lost their lives by drowning at Karachi’s Sandspit beach.

The two hailed from North Nazimabad and had gone to the beach to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with five other friends.

Summer season spells an increase in drowning-related deaths in the metropolis. In 2017, four bodies of a group of school friends were recovered soon after they had gone to take a dip at Sandspit beach.

People often end up drowning in the sea due to negligence and at times due to  incidents. People who come to river shores, streams and sea side to bath and enjoy the waters end up drowning. Either its because of lack of knowledge of swimming or sudden weather change causing high tide and fast flow of water.

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