In Giving Charity & Donations, Pakistan Takes The Lead


In Giving Charity & Donations, Pakistan Takes The Lead

In Giving Charity & Donations, Pakistan Takes The Lead: Stanford Social Innovation Review reports that Pakistan is the most generous nation when giving donations and charity. Pakistan gives more than 1% of its GDP to charity is ranking close to UK(1.3%) and Canada(1.2%). In the World Giving Index 2017, Pakistan top 10 generous countries despite a declining trend in global giving.

In Giving Charity & Donations, Pakistan Takes The Lead
In Giving Charity & Donations, Pakistan Takes The Lead

The report revealed that 98% of people in the country give charity in one form or another which is around Rs.240 billion, that goes upto Rs.554 billion annually. Appreciating the generous culture of Islam it further adds that Zakat, Sadqa and Fitrana have made a great impact  making society more compassionate. People give donations directly to the one in need.

It further added that to strengthen social safety net and be an integral part of SDG Pakistan should make more efforts to structure the individual efforts of giving. The report also shares the findings of a survey that submitted 67% people like to give directly to individuals while 33 % give through organizations. It was done by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) which measured charity in 3 ways i-e in monetary giving, in kind giving, and time volunteered for those in need.

While highlighting about KPK contributions, reports stated that Punjab and Baluchistan give in-kind donations to individuals at almost equal rates.

Why People Prefer To Give Directly To Individuals

  1. Donations in cash are made in small amounts and on a regular basis. The needy individuals are easily accessible, while organisations require more planning on the part of the donor.
  2. Religious institutions have a door to door system of collecting donations
  3. Donating to an organization has an element of mistrust due to which people less give charity through them.

As per research lack of trust for civil society organizations have faced hinderances in their fundraising efforts. Organizations must ensure transparency so that individual donations can more play an effective role in the inclusive development.

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