gutka, mainpuri introduced

Gutka, mainpuri introduced

Bill to slap ban on gutka, mainpuri introduced in Sindh Assembly

KARACHI: The issues of phony drugs being transparently sold in the market and the pitiful conditions in the youngsters ward of the Civil Hospital Karachi reverberated in the Sindh Assembly on Tuesday.


A bill was additionally acquainted in the house with boycott fabricate, advancement and offer of gutka and mainpuri whose violator would be at risk to detainment or a fine, or to both.

Be that as it may, the normal move to bring a no-certainty movement against the “disposition” of Deputy Speaker Syeda Shehla Raza was conceded by the joint restriction to later in perspective of her controlled direct in maintaining the matter of the house.

Not at all like Monday’s interruption, the session on Tuesday, which was a private individuals’ day, ended up being a restrained undertaking. After the more than two hour sitting, when the house ascended for the day at 2.40pm to meet on Friday at 10 am, there was no animosity between individuals from the restriction and the treasury. This reality was recognized by the legislators from resistance parties when Nusrat Seher Abbasi of the PML-F, Sumeta Afzal of the MQM, Dr Seema Zia of the PTI and Sorath Thebo of the PML-N, speaking to their particular gatherings, told the media that in perspective of the “changed state of mind” of the seat the restriction had allowed to the delegate speaker to “carry on properly”. Waving a paper to the media, they said they had arranged their movement which would be submitted if, in future, she returned to her “wrong” state of mind against any individual from the restriction.

Bill to slap ban on gutka, mainpuri introduced in Sindh Assembly

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