I-Day flag-hoisting at Parliament seeked by Rabbani

Through a letter written to the Prime Minister, senator Rabbani seeks Independence Day flag hosting at Parliament


I-Day flag-hoisting at Parliament seeked by Rabbani

Chairman of the Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has written to the Prime Minister stressing that the flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day should be held on the premises of the Parliament House to restore the event to its origin.

The Chairman Senate through a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that during democratic governments, the flag hoisting was done in the parliamentary premises to depict that this state was exercising its powers and authority through its chosen representatives. He said however, dictators made attempts to filch the mandate of the people by taking the ceremony behind closed doors, the letter added.

The letter further elaborated that the practice of flag hoisting ceremony started in 1980. During the dictatorial regime in 1985, the ceremony had been performed in the Presidency. However after the elections, it had been brought to the precincts of Parliament for a short span of two years, whereas after the dismissal of the government by the dictator in 1988, it was again taken back to the Presidency.

After the end of dictatorial regime in 1989, the government of the people brought it back to the precincts of Parliament and flag hoisting ceremonies were held on the lawns of Parliament till 1999. The letter further says that dictator in 2000 overturned the will of the people and the flag hoisting ceremony was again shifted to Presidency. Thereafter, it was not allowed to return to the precincts of Parliament due to security reasons. It was taken to Convention Centre, which is till date the venue of this important ceremony.

Chairman Senate further writes that it is an admitted fact that during the political governments in recent years there were certain security issues, however, by holding the 23rd March Parade in the centre of the capital, a clear and loud message has been sent that we can protect our people and institutions. Mian Raza Rabbani added that he has spoken to the Speaker of National Assembly who agrees with these views.

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