Interior minister says ‘In-house cleaning’ a sign of strength


Interior minister says ‘In-house cleaning’ a sign of strength

Interior minister says ‘In-house cleaning’ a sign of strength

Interior minister says ‘In-house cleaning’ a sign of strength: On Sunday, Ahsan Iqbal the Federal Minister of Interior said the term “in-house cleaning” refers to strength. He was referring to an early statement by Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif. Iqbal while speaking to a daily newspaper said that “People came under the impression that we are a nation believing in self-accountability,” he added that the statement restored confidence in the people, as opposed to the belief that it brought shame to the country.

Asif earlier in the month, had said that the civil and military leadership are on the same page with regard to how Pakistan has to make a clean break from its past.

The foreign minister during an interview on a t.v channel program admitted that Pakistan had made some mistake in the past, and that Pakistan should not have participated in the proxy war in Afghanistan during the era of president Zia or the war on terror tenure.

He also remarked that countries shouldn’t put pressure on nations which share a close relationships with them.

“We need to tell our friends that we have improved our house. We need to bring our house in order to prevent facing embarrassment on an international level”, he said.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi seconded Asif’s comment regarding the “in-house cleaning” and agreed with the viewpoint that “our own house needs to be cleaned first”.

However, members of the opposition — as well as former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan — came down hard on Asif for his ‘anti-Pakistan’ comments.


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