Latest Trend In Fitness Monitors and Activity Trackers


Latest Trend In Fitness Monitors and Activity Trackers

Latest Trend In Fitness Monitors and Activity Trackers: Fitness monitors and activity trackers are used for the monitoring and tracking of physical activity related metrics such as long walks or run, burning of calories, quality of sleep and rate of heartbeat in some cases. They are in the form of wearable devices that monitor and record fitness activity. The concept was first introduced in the US by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in 1990s.

With advancement and improvements in technology, it allowed the monitoring and recording of fitness activities through more easily worn equipment. Early examples include wristwatch-sized bicycle computers that automated speed, duration, distance, etc.

Now the market is flooded with countless devices, it has become increasingly difficult to decide which one is most suited to your use and lifestyle.

In Pakistan, Riversong, a Chinese mobile accessories manufacturer, has now officially unveiled two of its fitness bands; The Wave Fit and Wave BP. This allows you to have a personal fitness tracker and health assistant at finger tips. It contains an App which monitors and control the training progress and keeps a check on various health metric like blood pressure and sleep.

Latest Trend In Fitness Monitors and Activity Trackers
Latest Trend In Fitness Monitors and Activity Trackers

Dust proof and water resistant “Wave Fit” is considered as a companion for maintaining healthy lifestyle that monitors movement around the clock. It provides simple overview of the number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt and heart rate reading through pedometer. It also detects if one is sitting in a position for too long.

Its added features allow a person to find your phone, receive notifications for incoming calls and messages, and as a silent alarm clock which vibrates on your wrist to catch your attention. Available at the price of Rs. 3698 the app can further be improved if it provides recommendations after collecting data about the physical lifestyle.

Another tracker in the run is “Wave BP” as the name suggests allows user to monitor their blood pressure with basic functions of an activity tracker. Water proof wave bp is considered fit for swimmers and can monitor heart rate providing sufficient information about workouts. The onboard selfie mode allows users to take a selfie by simply tapping their wrist. It informs you of incoming calls and messages too. It is available in Rs. 4,499.

So make a decision about these physical fitness trackers loaded with features and test out smart bands to give you an idea about which suits your needs best.

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