Mud-slinging never pays off, says Aizaz Chaudhry after Abdul Basit’s letter


Mud-slinging never pays off, says Aizaz Chaudhry after Abdul Basit’s letter

Mud-slinging never pays off, says Aizaz Chaudhry after Abdul Basit’s letter: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry, responded to former ambassador to India, Abdul Basit, saying the latter thinks he could not become the foreign secretary because o f Chaudhry’s preference for Tehmina Janjua. “Some of us like Basit fail to realise that life is a combination of human endeavour and fate,” he wrote in a rejoinder issued on Wednesday.

“Mischief mongering and mudslinging never pay in the larger scheme of things.”

Chaudhry added that Basit was wrong in considering him a hindrance in his way.

“The letter is too rude and uncalled for,” said Pakistan’s ambassador to US wrote.

He added that jealousy has no remedy.

In his letter, Chaudhry wrote that he has served his country to the best of his abilities, despite being the least experienced foreign secretary when he was picked. Chaudhry was picked by then special assistant to the prime minister on foreign affairs Tariq Fatemi.

Chaudhry said he had an experience of only two years prior to becoming the foreign secretary but has performed up to the expectations of the leadership during his stint.

After Basit’s scathing letter surfaced, Chaudhry said many colleagues wrote to him expressing their support.

However, the ambassador maintained, he was disappointed at being targetted despite his services at “a most delicate juncture in the history”.

The former ambassador to India, who was replaced after opting for an early retirement earlier in August by Sohail Mahmood, wrote the letter on July 5 but it surfaced online a few days after US President Donald Trump blamed Pakistan for harbouring Afghan militants.

After statements by Basit and Chaudhry surfaced, Association of Former Ambassadors issued a statement, saying the letter should not have been written or made public.

“The contents of the letter, attributed to our former high commissioner in New Delhi, appear to have been prompted by personal differences between two officers of the Foreign Services,” the message issued on Wednesday stated.

“The language and tone of the letter were upsetting and the members were of the view that it should not have been written or made public.”

The message further stated that such episodes add to the difficulties of the Foreign Office.

However, members of the association appreciated those working in the Foreign Office and in Pakistan’s missions abroad. We are confident that this episode will not detract you and the Foreign Office from your primary responsibility,” the letter read.


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