Mustafa Kamal hails Muhajir community for ‘breaking ties’ with MQM

Pak Sarzameen Party Founder Mustafa Kamal hailed the Muhajir community for ‘breaking ties’ with Muttahida Qaumi Movement while speaking to media on Thursday.

“As an Urdu-speaking man, I am quite proud of my identity. I am so proud that after 30 years of supporting MQM and its chief, Altaf Hussain, the Muhajir community no longer supports the party.”

In the last 30 years, members of Muhajir community voted for MQM nine times, donated hides worth billions of rupees to the party, gave the party zakat. But, now the community does not blindly follow the orders of Altaf Hussain, he remarked.

“For the longest time, Altaf was considered the voice of the Muhajir community. Whatever he said, was believed to be the voice of Muhajir community.” However, now the community no longer wants to be affiliated with him, he said, adding that people have realised that Altaf Hussain is different from the Urdu-speaking community.

Altaf Hussain had urged his followers to celebrate day of mourning on Independence Day but the Urdu-speaking people paid no attention to it. Instead, the Independence Day was marked with fervour, he claimed.

He further said, “Indian channels were provided with photographs and videos of people burning the Pakistani flag. These images serve no purpose other than promoting propaganda.”


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