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Nasir Durrani Punjab Police Reforms Commission Chief Resigned

Nasir Durrani Punjab Police Reforms Commission Chief Resigned: The sudden resignation of Punjab Police Reforms Commission Chief Nasir Durrani shocked the people. Although Durrani has described ‘health reasons’ as the cause for his resignation, his differences with the PTI government over the proposed Police Order became the reason behind his resignation.

The Police Reforms Committee headed by Nasir Durrani was working on a plan to come up with the Police Order under which a chief minister couldn’t influence his position over the transfer and posting of a police official.

Under the existing rules, the transfers of officials from Grade 19 and above are done with the approval of the CM. However, the committee headed by Durrani wanted to end the CM role and wanted absolute powers to transfer any police official. This was tantamount to cutting the existing powers of the CM and this also became the reason behind the tug of war between Durrani and the Buzdar government, the sources said, adding that a summary in this regard had been prepared and some of the ministers from Punjab had also signed it.

However, this idea displeased most of the members of the Punjab cabinet and elected MNAs, MPAs of the PTI, who, in the last cabinet meeting in Lahore, voiced their apprehensions towards the working of the committee.

Nasir Durrani resigned just a few days before the October 14 by-polls whereas the decision of transferring Punjab Police IG Tahir Khan by the PTI government has been suspended by the Election Commission.

Nasir Durrani Punjab Police Reforms Commission Chief Resigned
Nasir Durrani Punjab Police Reforms Commission Chief Resigned

Five police officers, including Counter Terrorism Department Punjab Additional IG Rai Tahir, DIG Headquarters Shahzada Sultan and Islamabad police’s former SSP Najeebur Rehman, also left the place. Although Mr Durrani cited health reasons in his resignation, he was upset after the abrupt removal of Punjab IGP Mohammad Tahir.

The section 12 of Police Order 2002 categorically states, “The term of office of Provincial Police Officer, Capital City Police Officer and Head of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency posted under Article 11 shall be three years from the date of his posting.”

As the general election approached, the four IGPs of all the provinces were replaced during the caretaker set-up with a promise to bring them back after the election. Of them the IGPs of KP and Balochistan resumed their positions after the PTI formed new government.

In the case of Punjab, the government preferred a new choice by appointing Mohammad Tahir as head of the police force on Sept 7 out of the panel of three candidates shortlisted for the purpose.

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