Nawaz demonstrated unmatched flexibility following disqualification: Rafique


Nawaz demonstrated unmatched flexibility following disqualification: Rafique

Nawaz demonstrated unmatched flexibility following disqualification: Rafique: Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique on Friday said the flexibility demonstrated by Nawaz Sharif following his disqualification cannot be matched by anyone. Speaking on a program, the minister said the PML-N does not need any other decision on Nawaz’s disqualification.

“Our struggle is not for getting Nawaz Sharif qualified for becoming the fourth time prime minister of the country.”

He also denied that any statements by his party or its leadership were made against the judiciary, maintaining that his leadership speaks in a polite manner.

“In so many days, not a single sentence came against the court by our workers, let alone the leadership.”

Rafique, however, said the verdict was against “requisites of justice and law”.

Criticising opponents, he said they wanted Nawaz to go home silently, but this would not have happened.

“If we would not raise our voice against the injustice done to us, then how would we help others?”

The minister added that the former prime minister has always raised his voice whenever injustice was done.

“In Pakistan, we cannot accept the idea of a holy cow. There is no holy cow in the country and we never accepted it.”

Referring to the new US regional policy, Rafique urged to victimising each other and let people make decision of their own choice.

“If we would target each other, then who would make the country safe,” he questioned.


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