Nawaz says victory of NA-120 was the real verdict


Nawaz says victory of NA-120 was the real verdict

Nawaz says victory of NA-120 was the real verdict: Chief of PML-N and former prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif in his address to the workers convention at Alhamra Hall, said that Na-120 victory in by-polls authenticated his stance and the people have showed that it was the “real decision of the people”. Nawaz added that “We will protect the sanctity of your vote.” “We are fighting a battle for the people of Pakistan and we will be victorious in this battle.”

During the speech audience was reminded of the progress which was made under the government of PML-N. He added that the electricity situation has improved by leaps and bounds and the overall state of the economy has improved.

He also took credit for lowering fuel prices in the country and said, “We brought the multi-billion dollar CPEC to Pakistan”.

The PML-N chief also said that no other government has fulfilled its promises in the same manner that PML-N has done.

Nawaz once again asked the people why was he removed from power as he said, “I am unable to understand the reasons”.

“This decision has come from Islamabad and the people have not accepted it,” said the disqualified premier.

He asked the people for support and said the passion he has witnessed at the venue has moved him.

Nawaz also congratulated those present on behalf of his family for the victory in the by-elections and said the episode has been added to history as a great victory for PML-N.

Nawaz was flanked by senior party leaders including, Shehbaz Sharif, Pervaiz Rashid, Saad Rafique and Asif Kirmani.

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