Nisar is confused, not saying what he wants: Sheikh Rasheed


Nisar is confused, not saying what he wants: Sheikh Rasheed

Nisar is confused, not saying what he wants: Sheikh Rasheed: Awami Muslim League leader Sheikh Rasheed, in reaction to the earlier press conference of former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar, said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senior leader is confused and it seems that he wants to say something but cannot.

The AML chief passed the statements, in relation to Nisar’s confirmation of differences with the party leadership.

Rasheed said that Nisar is focused more on the politics of constituencies that is why he seems confused.

Nisar held the press conference in a hurry, it was better if he had issued a statement instead, said Rasheed.

Nisar on Sunday in a press conference said that he refused to be part of the new cabinet over “difference of opinion”. Nisar reiterated that though difference of opinions remains, he had always said he will remain in the party but will not occupy any office.

He also said that he cannot disclose the reason for the differences right now as he thinks the time isn’t right, and that the party is undergoing a difficult time.

Nisar also held a detailed review of his ministry’s performance, taking the credit for a significant downturn in terrorism in the country.


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