No terror safe havens in Pakistan, says envoy to US

No terror safe havens in Pakistan, says envoy to US: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry said on Wednesday that there are no terror safe havens in the country. Speaking at an event, Chaudhry said that Pakistan has been paying a heavy price for instability in Afghanistan for the last 38 years. “Peace and stability in neighbouring Afghanistan is in favour of Pakistan,” he said

The ambassador said that only Afghan-led dialogue can bring peace in the neighbouring country.

He added that in view of ensuring stability in the region Pakistan desires to maintain a constructive dialogue with Washington, further stating that there can be no comparison of counter-terrorism initiatives taken by Pakistan.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has issued a warning that Pakistan’s privileged status as a major non-NATO US ally could be in question if it continues to give safe haven to extremists.

“We have some leverage,” Tillerson told reporters, “in terms of aid, their status as a non-NATO alliance partner – all of that can be put on the table.”

“The president has been clear that we are going to attack terrorists wherever they live,” Tillerson said.

“We have put people on notice that if you’re providing safe haven to terrorists, be warned – we are going to engage those providing a safe haven and ask them to change what they are doing.”


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