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PM Chaired Meetings On NHS&R And National Water Policy

PM Chaired Meetings On NHS&R And National Water Policy: Prime Minister Nasir-ul-Mulk has chaired a briefing on the performance of ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and coordination at the prime minister’s office.

All concerned officials including the minister were present in the meeting.

Secretary National Health Services briefed the Prime Minister about the regulatory functions of the ministry, especially after the 18th amendment, in important areas such as drugs and biological, medical education, disease surveillance, stakeholders’ consultations, research in health related issues and serving as a repository for global commitments of the country.

The secretary also highlighted the role of various attached departments of the ministry and their contribution towards performing regulatory and coordination functions, policy formulation process and undertaking research work at the national level.

PM Chaired Meetings On NHS&R And National Water Policy
PM Chaired Meetings On NHS&R And National Water Policy

The Prime Minister appreciated the performance of the ministry and emphasized the importance of coordination among the federal and provincial governments to ensure provision of quality health services and improved health outcomes.

He also added that efforts shall be made to enhance the scope and quality of health services being provided to the general public.

PM Chaired A Briefing On Water Resources

The Prime Minister Nasir-ul-Mulk has appreciated the formulation of the first-ever national water policy and setting up of strategic priorities for the future.

He was chairing a briefing on water resources at prime minister’s office.

Underscoring the need for putting in place an efficient water resource management system, the Prime Minister observed that leveraging technology and adoption of efficient means of conservation and utilization was essential to ensure availability of water for a rapidly increasing population.

The Prime Minister also directed ministry of water resources to work out a comprehensive plan for addressing water related issues of the country.

Secretary water resources made a presentation on water resource availability, its utilization and various issues impacting on the effective management of surface as well as ground water resources.

The secretary also briefed the prime minister about key policy objectives and strategic priorities that have been included in the national water policy 2018.

The meeting was informed that the availability of water in the country was gradually improving with the rising temperature and melting of the glacial snow in the mountains.

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