PML-N‘s politics heading towards collision, says Sheikh Rasheed

Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML), Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has stated that negative politics of ruling PML-N is heading towards collision and added that system must be run whether under the command of Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi.

Talking to a private TV channel on Monday AML chief said, “Those who advised Nawaz to adopt this style of politics, are not his friends”.

Sheikh added that there is no moral ground for Nawaz to take out rally, he must die of shame adding that those who are talking about civilian supremacy must act like civilians first, he added.

First Sharif had ousted by the then President, then army and lastly by the courts, no country spoke in his favor, nobody talked against Panama, no one termed it a conspiracy against democracy, he mentioned.

“If whole country comes out in favour of Nawaz, decision of five judges will not be taken back”, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed clarified.

AML chief reaffirmed his resolve to participate in Nasir Bagh meeting of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and disclosed that he would address the gathering also.


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