Qatari prince to be questioned by JIT member sources

A single member of the JIT to question Prince Hammad Bin Jasim


Qatari prince to be questioned by JIT member sources

According to reports the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has decided to send a single member of its team to Qatar for questioning from Prince Hammad Bin Jasim.

Supreme court had established the JIT to further investigation Panama Leaks scandal. The sources have told that the member will leave for Qatar on 6th July in order to meet the Prince.

Sources have stated that questions regarding the sent letter will be asked from Prince Hammad Bin Jasim. Furthermore member of the JIT will also record his statement.

According to the sources, prince Hammad Bin Jasim had earlier refused to visit the Pakistan embasy to record his statement and had asked the authorities to come to his house instead.

It is also learnt that on 6th June 2017, the Qatari Prince had refused to appear before the investigating team saying he was ‘busy’.

According to the sources although Sheikh Hamad had rejected all the three options of the JIT to record his statement, however he had confirmed his signatures on the two letters which were presented before the Supreme Court during hearing of the Panama case.

According to the sources JIT had sent a second letter to the Qatar’s Al-Thani family, which gave them three options to record their statements.

The first option had mentioned that two members of the JIT could leave for Qatar in order to record their statements in relation to the probe.

The second option was for the royal family to send a written response to aid the investigation.

The third option was to record a statement via video link.

However the Thani family had refused all options.

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