The original Rambo gives the Indian remake a thumbs up

The Indian film director who is making a remake of Rambo has said that getting a message from Sylvester Stallone about a Bollywood Rambo remake was like "an endorsement from God"


The original Rambo gives the Indian remake a thumbs up

The original Rambo gives the Indian remake a thumbs up: However director of the remake Sid Anand has told his fans that there would be none of the singing and dancing which is often associated with Bollywood. The director further said “I wouldn’t do that to Rambo.” “That’s like blasphemy.

The Indian remake of Rambo will be launched at the Cannes Film Festival. Although filming will not start until later this year.

Tiger Shroff the Indian star is taking on the titular role. Director Anand about his decision to launch the project in Cannes said, “Rambo is a global icon. He resonates in every part of the world, so it’s important to start our campaign at the Mecca of film-making.”

The director says that he was driven to remake the movie because of the strength of Rambo’s character, he stated that Rambo was a “true blue action hero with a heart” who was immortalised by Stallone.

Anand has said that he has a script which will “resonate in India” but the director also warned that: “It could be controversial like Rambo First Blood was in the 80s.”

Last week Sylvester Stallone had posted a message on social media, saying that Rambo was a “great character” the star had further added: “Hope they don’t wreck it.

However the celebrity later sent a message to Shroff himself, wishing him the best of luck.

At this moment the director had said that”He has been kind enough to Tweet about it. It’s like an endorsement from God himself.

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