Time to ‘politely, gratefully’ close chapter on US assistance: Shehbaz

Time to ‘politely, gratefully’ close chapter on US assistance: Shehbaz: Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif in a statement on Friday said that it is time for Pakistan to “politely and gratefully close the chapter on US assistance”, adding that the “the constant allusions to American assistance in larger conversations about regional peace and security represent salt on the wounds of the millions of Pakistanis that have endured the burdens of terrorism, poverty and poor governance”.

In a statement, the chief minister said that Pakistanis have already rendered enough sacrifices for a “terror-free and peaceful world” and the time has come to free the bilateral relationship of “the shadow of the contemptuous taunts that have travelled from chat room forums to op-ed pages to the teleprompter of the venerable office of the President of the United States”.

The statement said that Pakistani people want to be treated “fairly, honourably and justly” and want a peaceful and prosperous world. Although the US and other countries have helped the country to improve various sectors, including health, education and others, “no country should see their generosity as a justification to make unfair accusations and demands of the Pakistani people,” said Shehbaz.

“Pakistan has never shied away from advancing our shared objectives as a member of international comity.

However, the job of providing for and leading the people of Pakistan out of different challenges falls to Pakistani leaders.

Other countries can help Pakistan by having a fair appraisal of regional and global affairs and trying to understand Pakistan’s legitimate concerns,” the statement said.

The minister’s comments come in reaction to US’ tough stance on Pakistan expressed in the recent speech by Trump, wherein he asked Pakistan to do more to eliminate terrorism or lose various perks as an ally.


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