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Donate In Ramazan

Donate In Ramazan: Ramazan is that time of the year whereby an inborn desire to do well takes over the general populace. We will share how some of the countries donate generously in this month to give maximum benefit to others.

MUSCAT: Every year, with the beginning of Ramadan, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) launches the annual promotional donation campaign providing an alternative option for donating which is more secure, transparent, easy to use and convenient. The donations portal for charitable organizations, ( urges people to extend their hands to those in need in the Omani community.

The annual promotional campaign, carried out by ITA, begins with the coming of Ramadan and is activated through different media channels and its social networks accounts stated a press release.

Donate In Ramazan
Donate In Ramazan

MALACCA: People in the state are urged to donate blood more frequently to ensure sufficient supply of blood, particularly now, during the Ramadan fasting month.

State Health Committee chairman Low Chee Leong said currently, the Blood Bank of Malacca Hospital had 1,700 bags of blood.

“If the amount drops to 1,000 bags, the situation will be quite alarming,” he told reporters after visiting a Ramadan Bazaar in Jalan Hang Tuah.

Donate In Ramazan
Donate in Ramazan

He also urged the non-governmental organizations to participate in the blood donation campaign statewide.

UAE: Free car to collect surplus food for donation during Ramadan in UAE, UAE Food Bank collected 2,160 tons of food since last year.

During Ramadan, residents will be able to donate their surplus food from within the comfort of their homes by ordering a car for free to pick up donations and to be given to the needy.

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Donate in Ramazan

UK: Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) estimates that each year in Britain during Ramadan, Muslims give an estimated £100million to charities.

Pakistan: Donation and charities in Ramazan is best portrayed by the number of free Iftari stalls set up around the city. These stalls are set up for the less fortunate who are unable to afford a decent Iftari as well as commuters who are yet to reach their destinations and have to break their fast on the road. Interestingly, many of these Iftari gatherings are organized by the not-so-affluent members of the society. However, a generous spirit and the desire to help others render all requisites irrelevant.

Donate In Ramazan
Donate in Ramazan


Lets pray to God to grant us the will and the strength to perform this charitable service. With temperatures rising in the country, a kind act such as feeding the hungry goes a long way.

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