FIA arrests three people from Murree involved in illegal organ transplants

FIA arrests three people from Murree involved in illegal organ transplants: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Thursday arrested three people from Murree suspected to be linked with the illegal kidney transplants.

As per FIA officials, the accused were involved in attracting foreign buyers of the organ to Pakistan. The officials further stated that the three suspects were staying with a friend at a hotel in Murree. Previously, they have been reported to have been hiding in Kalash valleys of Chitral.

A few days back, FIA arrested main accused of the illegal organ transplant gang from Sialkot.

The arrested person, Abdul Majeed, has been accused of tracing kidney patients in foreign countries and then connecting them to Dr Fawad, another suspect linked to illegal organ transplants. Majeed was reported to charge as much as Rs4 million for a kidney.

The FIA Gujranwala officials carried out a raid and made the arrest.

During interrogation, Majeed revealed names of five more people involved in the crime. They belong to Mirpur, Jhelum and Gujranwala.

During a raid at a private housing society in Lahore earlier in the month, FIA arrested Dr Fawad, Dr Khalid and Dr Altamash. The alleged were reportedly running a clinic there.

Later, FIA arrested two foreigners, who had bought kidneys at the illegal clinic.

While talking to media sources, FIA Assistant Director Jameel Ahmed Khan stated that the foreigners, who had bought the kidneys, were arrested so that it could be made clear that Pakistan is not a hub for the illegal transplant of organs. As per the officials, the foreigners belonged to Oman.

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