Former PTI leader requests Saudi envoy to probe party funds

Former PTI leader requests Saudi envoy to probe party funds: Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member Akbar S Babar wrote on Tuesday a letter to Saudi Embassy requesting the ambassador to initiate a probe against the illegal fund raising by PTI.

In a letter addressed to Saudi Ambassador Admiral (Retd) Nawaf Said Ahmad Al-Malkiy,  Babar wrote “disturbing facts have emerged about alleged illegal fund raising by Imran Khan and PTI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a matter of serious concern and deserves your attention.”

Furthermore, “pictures have emerged of PTI Chairman Imran Khan along with his Saudi based friend Zulqarnain Ali Khan (owner of Zultec Group) jointly participating in PTI fund raising events in the KSA.”

“The available documents reveal at least 226, 240 Saudi Riyals have been raised in the past few years alone. It is feared that the total amount of illegal fund raising far exceeds this figure.”

“Prima facie, the entire PTI fund collection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a gross violation of Saudi and Pakistani laws,” he added.

He requested the ambassador to” initiate a probe by relevant agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ascertain the scale and scope of the alleged illegal fund raising of PTI and initiate appropriate legal action to put an end to it.”


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