Pakistan will remain committed to war against terrorism: Ahsan Iqbal

Pakistan will remain committed to war against terrorism: Ahsan Iqbal: Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, on Tuesday, said Pakistan’s commitment to the war against terrorism is for its own sake. “We will continue the war against terrorism without giving weight to the US President Donald Trump’s statement,” Iqbal said in response to the Trump’s announcement of a dramatic change in strategy for South Asia.

The interior minister further added that making the National Action Plan successful is the government’s foremost priority.

Talking to journalists in Islamabad late Tuesday evening, he said the federal government will further strengthen its cooperation with all provincial governments regarding the law and order situation to achieve the desired objectives.

The Interior Minister said NACTA will be made an effective institution to cement links between the security and intelligence agencies.

“There is neither any tolerance nor any safe haven for any terrorist in Pakistan. Pakistan has paid the highest price for (fighting) terrorism. So, we are fighting terrorism not for any country’s stake but for our own future and for our country’s sake,” the interior minister said earlier in the day, adding that the Pakistani government would be issuing a statement in response to US President Donald Trump’s realignment policy.

In his address, Trump alleged that Pakistan continues to harbour and house “criminals and terrorists,” despite being paid “billions and billions of dollars,” adding that this has to change.


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